Supporting documentation

As part of the exchange application process, you will need to provide supporting documentation.

Before you start your supporting documentaiton, please ensure you've read how to apply.

For the exchange application to 360 International, we require three supporting documents:

  1.  Academic Planning Worksheet
  2. Host University Preferences and Proposed Courses Form
  3. Statement of Purpose

On this page you can download the Academic Planning Worksheet and Host University Preferences and Proposed Courses Form. Note, there is no Statement of Purpose template to download, you will upload your Statement of Purpose as a word document or pdf to the exchange application. 

The Course Approval Form only needs to be completed after you have received a nomination offer from 360 International for one partner university, and are applying to the partner university. It is not required at the initial application to 360 International, although if you've completed one for your first choice (which is recommended for Engineering students), then you can include that in your exchange application on Via TRM.

Academic Planning Worksheet

When applying to 360 International for the semester exchange programme, you must submit an Academic Planning Worksheet. We recommend that you have a copy of this worksheet when reviewing remaining degree requirements with the Student Hub. However, you can also complete it on your own after you’ve discussed your requirements with the Student Hub. 

This worksheet is not used to assess eligibility for exchange or enrolment into courses at a host university, however it is important for you to understand which requirements you need to fulfil for your degree plan to help identify appropriate courses from the partner university catalogue. 

Please download and save the worksheet before you fill it out. Once completed, upload the worksheet to your application in Via TRM.

Host University Preferences and Proposed Courses Form

When applying to 360 International for the semester exchange programme, complete the Host University Preferences and Proposed Courses Form. (Note: Engineering students are recommended to also complete a Course Approval Form for their first choice as part of their application for exchange, as finding suitable courses can be more difficult. The Course Approval Form is not required in the initial application for students of other faculties.).

Please download the form and save it before you fill it out. Research appropriate courses at each partner university and list them in your application. Once completed, upload the form to your application in Via TRM.

Important note on latest version of the Host University Preferences and Proposed Courses form:

  • We've uploaded version four of this form asking you to indicate the host university faculty and host university department that you would be studying under at each partner university. Please fill it out based on the name of the faculty and department at the partner university. This will be helpful for our team when processing applications. 
  • If you're a conjoint student and plan to take courses in more than one department/faculty, then please list both, but indicated your preferred option (e.g two faculties, first choice is Faculty of Arts, second choice is Faculty of Business). 
  • If you've started this form on a previous version (e.g version three) and are almost done, then you can still use and submit that form. However if you haven't started the form yet or haven't filled out much, we'd appreciate that you use version four of this form. 

Please note the form is for you to complete. You do not need to seek faculty approval for this form.

Course Approval Form

When you have received a nomination offer and are applying to your host university, complete the Course Approval Form. You will need to email your Course Approval Form and course outlines to your faculty programme advisers (not the Student Hub). The email contacts for faculty programme advisers can be found on eligibility and timing.

Please note for Creative Arts, Engineering and Science students, you will need to contact your department advisers first for departmental approval before you send to your faculty programme advisers for faculty approval.

You must have faculty approval in order to get credit pre-approved towards your University of Auckland degree.

Give your faculty at least four to six weeks to process your course approval request, so submit this form to your faculty advisers as soon as possible after you have been nominated.

It is your responsibility to email your completed Course Approval Form to 360 International. 

Note: You must still complete the form and obtain the relevant signatures even if you receive the course equivalency assessments from your faculty in the body of an email.