How to apply

Follow the steps below to prepare your application for exchange.

Application process


1 July* - for exchanges starting in Semester One the following year.

1 December - for exchanges starting in Semester Two the following year.

Some universities have only one application round per year. These universities will be noted as "December deadline only" in Via TRM. Where December deadlines are indicated, you must apply to 360 International by 1 December for exchanges starting in Semester Two or Semester One the year following. 

*Note: Semester One 2021 exchange applications are due 15 July 2020.

Step 1: Plan your exchange

  • Check your eligibility and timing.
  • Visit your faculty student centre and complete a degree planner and/or the Academic Planning Worksheet under supporting documentation
  • Check the General Education Exemption with your faculty if applicable.
  • Make sure you know which courses you need to meet degree requirements. This will help determine which courses to take while on exchange.

Step 2: Research host universities

Research five universities and list in order of preference on your application. Read through the partner university pages, host university fact sheets and study abroad and exchange sections of the host university websites. Pay close attention to when courses are offered and restrictions for particular subject areas, especially courses or departments closed to exchange students. Check enrolment requirements carefully, for example, language of instruction, years of study, etc.

Please note, when filling out the Host University Preferences and Proposed Courses Form, we’ve noticed technical issues when using Mac computers. For each choice, please include your host university name when filling out the section of why a host university is a good fit for you. If you have any questions, please contact 360 International.

Step 3: Submit your application

  • Before you start an application in Via TRM, prepare your supporting documentation. Upload a completed copy of the Academic Planning Worksheet and Host University Preferences and Proposed Courses form to your online application. If you’ve completed coursework at a tertiary institution other than the University of Auckland, please upload a copy of your transcript(s) from the other institution(s).
  • Applications for semester exchanges will be initiated from your first choice partner university's page and you choose your alternate options for the remainder of your preferences at the end of the application. A guide is available below. A video tutorial is also available on the 360 International Facebook page.
  • Applications will only open two to three months prior to the deadline date.

Step 4: Receive a nomination and apply to the host university

360 International will review and process applications after the deadline has passed. You will be notified four to six weeks after the deadline of your application outcome. If accepted, you will be sent a nomination offer, at which time you will need to:

  • Accept or decline your nomination offer, and any awards, by the deadline given
  • Attend a nomination session
  • Apply to the host university (instructions will be sent after we have nominated you)
  • Attend a pre-departure session (in June for Semester Two exchanges, in October for Semester One exchanges)

Step 5: Get courses approved

  • Complete the Course Approval form and submit to your faculty for approval as part of supporting documentation.
  • Submit the completed Course Approval form to 360 International by the given deadline (1 June for semester two exchanges, 1 November for semester one exchanges).

On your Course Approval form, indicate the number of points you intend to enrol in at the University of Auckland whilst on exchange (45, 60 or 75 points). Your enrolment points here at the University is the maximum number of points you can transfer back to your degree.

360 International requires a completed course approval form before you go on exchange. The completed and signed course approval form can be emailed to We do not accept course approvals/assessments which are in the body of an email however, so you must complete the form. If you do not submit this form to us before the given deadline, you may be withdrawn from exchange.

Note: Even if a course is on a faculty pre-approved list, you still need to complete a course approval form and submit it to your faculty for assessment.

Nomination process

Nominations are based primarily on academic merit. Students with a higher cumulative GPA will receive priority consideration. Ensure you have done thorough research and are willing and able to attend any one of your options. We will make every effort to place you at one of your preferred choices, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive a nomination for your first choice.

Applying for two semesters?

Two semesters at one host university: Submit one application indicating two semesters.

Two consecutive semesters at two different universities: Apply for your first semester, then your second exchange in the following application round.

Notes on GPA

Your cumulative GPA is the deciding factor. If you are concerned about not meeting the GPA requirement, please contact 360 International. Applicants may be considered on a case by case basis.

Your application will be assessed based on your cumulative GPA, which includes the most recent semester once all grades are posted. Although you won’t know your GPA when submitting your application, we only make decisions after grades are available from the most recent semester. If accepted for exchange, you’re expected to maintain a term GPA of 5.0 (B average) up until the time of departure. We'll check your grades and you may be withdrawn from the programme if you don't maintain this requirement.