GenEd exemption

Learn about about the General Education (GenEd) exemption.

To be eligible for the General Education Exemption, students need to be enrolled in a standard full-time course load at the host university while on exchange, equivalent of 50 points or more per semester, and transfer back a minimum of 45 points per semester to the University of Auckland. 

This means you still need to pass 15 points of credit in an approved course to be applied towards the "General Education" space in your degree, but these points don’t have to come from the University of Auckland's schedule of General Education courses.

Exchange students, who take advantage of this exemption (15 points), must make up the points by replacing them with a course that is available to their programme. This could be done by doing a course overseas during the exchange or on campus at the University.

If done overseas, prior faculty approval for the replacement course will need to be sought via the 360 International Course Approval Form.

Which courses can be used to make up the points depends on your programme. It is your responsibility to seek degree planning advice from your faculty advisers. The faculty adviser email contacts can be found on eligibility and timing.

The exemption will be entered by your faculty on the system after you have successfully completed your semester(s) abroad and we have entered your credit transfer from the exchange programme (minimum 45 points transferred per semester upon return).