While on exchange

Keep these things in mind while you're on exchange.

Academic matters

It is your responsibility to be organised and have backup plans. Please note that faculty approval does not guarantee or necessitate enrolment at the host university. You must follow the host university enrolment processes, and if any questions arise about enrolment, please contact your host university exchange office. 

  • If you are unable to secure a particular course because you do not meet prerequisites, you may need to provide more information and discuss further. Be prepared to provide a recent transcript and Auckland course outlines if you need to verify that you have met certain requirements. 
  • If the course is no longer being offered or you cannot get into the class, contact your department/faculty immediately to commence the course approval process again. You may need to enrol in an alternative course in the meantime while you wait for your faculty to assess the new course. 
  • The Course Approval form can be found under supporting documentation.

Seeking faculty approval for new courses once on exchange

  • Collect as much information as possible about the new course, including contact hours, methods of assessment, a list of topics covered and, importantly, credit point value.
  • Email the course information to your faculty advisers (email contacts found on eligibility and timing). Keep a copy of all your correspondence with your department/faculty regarding course approvals.
  • Submit your completed course approval form to 360 International by email.
  • Although you may already be enrolled in a course you wish to get approval for, please note approval is at the faculty's discretion. As the course approval is a long process, please be patient and seek approval as soon as possible.

Official host university transcripts

It is your responsibility to ensure that your official transcript will be sent to 360 International. Check with your host university what the process is. This is important especially if you're on exchange in your final semester and are intending to graduate upon returning to Auckland.

Changing the length of your exchange

Cutting short your exchange

If personal circumstances cause you to cut short your exchange in the middle of a term/semester, please notify your host university and immediately email 360 International. We may be able to negotiate alternative arrangements for you regarding things like assessment. It's important to consider any implications of not continuing with your courses, such as having to resit the course back at Auckland in a future semester or eligibility for StudyLink. 

Extending your exchange

You've applied for one semester and now you want to stay for two. Extensions may be possible, but are not guaranteed as it will depend on availability of space and other factors, such as remaining courses in your degree and visa status. It's important to factor how staying for a second semester will affect your budget, visa status and the rest of your studies. 

  • Two semesters is the maximum transferable credit to an Auckland degree for exchange, although some faculties may have limits (for instance, Engineering can only accommodate one semester of 60 points maximum credited from exchange).
  • Check with immigration services in your host country that you can extend your visa and the procedure, costs and timeframe for doing this.
  • To request an extension, email 360 International. We will then liaise with your host university to assess if your exchange can be extended. You'll also need to reach out to your faculty to confirm you have sufficient courses to complete another semester on exchange, and check if there's any requirements or restrictions to be aware of.
  • If approved for an extension, you'll need to obtain course approval from your faculty for the courses you plan to take for your second semester.

There are deadlines for these procedures. Check that your application can be arranged in time or that an extension can be granted to allow the processes to be completed. You'll receive notification from 360 International or your host university regarding the outcome of your extension request.

Shortening your full year exchange

If you wish to reduce your exchange from a year (two semesters) to one semester, email 360 International. Once acknowledged, confirm this change with your faculty. It is also important to notify your host institution directly. A reduction in your exchange length may have implications for your credit transfer if any overseas subjects are year-long or assessed overseas after you plan to return.