Returning to Auckland

Welcome back from your exchange. We hope you had a great time overseas!

Transfer Credit Process

The transfer credit process is when courses taken on exchange are officially added to your degree here at the University of Auckland. This takes approximately three to ten working days. We will need the following four items from you:

  • Official transcript from your host university
    This can be sent to 360 International by post or email. Transcripts may be sent by the host university or you may have to request it to be sent through (check with your host university). Once we receive your transcript we will email you. If your transcript is being sent to your home address, please do not open the envelope but bring it to 360 International. We will take a copy and return the original to you.
Note: we cannot accept transcripts sent from students, only directly from the host university. However, electronic transcripts can be accepted if they are sent to 360 International through a transcript portal or with a shareable link.
  • Transfer Credit Form
    Download and fill out the form below. Submit it to 360 International by email.
  • Course Approvals
    If you have taken additional courses that you have not yet received approval for, please submit another course approval form and relevant course outlines to your faculty advisers for assessment (email contacts can be found on eligibility and timing). If you only took courses you already had approval for and sent the approvals through to 360 International, you don't need to do anything else.
Note: A new course approval is needed if your host university course title or code has changed, even if it was originally pre-approved under a different title/code.

We can only transfer credit for courses that you have passed at the host university (grades are not transferred). Courses from exchange will be listed as ‘CRDT’ on your transcript, which indicates credit has been awarded. Courses taken on exchange will not affect your GPA (it will remain as it was before exchange).  

On your transcript your exchange semester will always show up as ‘In Progress’ even after your credits have been transferred. This does not affect your ability to graduate or enrol into further studies.

Graduation after exchange

Went on exchange in your last semester? Ensure you obtain your transcript and submit the other documents as soon as possible so your credits can be processed. We can't guarantee we will receive your transcript or process your credits in time for the application for graduation.  

Attending the welcome back session

This is usually held in the second week of classes each semester (March or July). We’ll email your invitation. You’ll be able to mingle with other returned students, share stories and find out more about the long-term benefits of your international experience.

Attending pre-departure for outgoing students

Remember when you attended a pre-departure session and asked questions to students who had been on exchange? Now it’s your chance to answer the questions! Pre-departure is held during the study break before exams (June or October). We’ll email you asking you to attend.

Join the Study Abroad Students’ Society

The Study Abroad Students’ Society (SASS) is a club which consists of returned alumni and current incoming exchange students. It is a great way to get involved, share your passion for exchange and provide new students with an awesome experience at the University.

Dealing with reverse culture shock

Be prepared that you may come home and get a case of reverse culture shock.

When you return:

  • Give presentations to family, friends, community groups, schools, about your experience overseas. Do anything that allows you to process, and pass on, your experiences.
  • Take some time to be a tourist in your own area. Observe things in the same way you did while overseas.
  • Keep your expectations reasonable. It may take a while to settle in and feel at home again.
  • Stay active, positive, forward looking.
  • Market yourself. Update your CV. Highlight any languages or specialised skills you picked up.  

The Alumni Office have created helpful guides with insider information if you find yourself abroad after you've graduated. You can check out their City Landing Guides.