How to view your unofficial transcript

Find out how to generate your unofficial transcript online, and view previously created Unofficial Transcripts.

Please note: By selecting "Request Report" you will be sent a copy of your Unofficial Transcript to your student email and your preferred email address. Your request will be provided within 1 hour of your request being submitted.

If you don't receive an email copy of your Unofficial Transcript within 1 hour, please contact


  • With Student Services Online you can create an unofficial record of the courses you have attempted at the University of Auckland.
  • Also known as an internal or web transcript, it shows the points for each course and the grade you received.
  • The Unofficial Transcript is supplied for the personal information of students and for use by University of Auckland staff where required. Because it is for internal use only, it provides a cumulative GPA which is not shown on an Official Transcript, as the University does not have a common grading scale and GPA calculation.
  • If you need to supply an Official Transcript of your academic record to someone outside the University, please check My eQuals to see if the document you require is already available. If the document you require is not already available please visit the Records and transcripts page of our website for information on how to order your certified digital document. 

Please note: If you studied at Auckland College of Education or at the University of Auckland prior to 1982, please see Official Transcripts of study at Auckland College of Education or study prior to 1982


  1. Sign into Student Services Online
  2. Click on the 'Academic Records' icon
  3. Click on 'View Unofficial Transcript' 
  4. Make sure 'The University of Auckland' is selected from the 'Academic Institution' drop-down list 
  5. From the ‘Report Type’ drop-down list click Internal/Web Transcript
  6. Information about the unofficial transcript will appear below the drop-down list
  7. Click the view report button. In a short while, the ‘Previous Requests’ page will appear and your new unofficial transcript will appear in a new browser window

Sign in and view your unofficial transcript now


  • Please note you must turn off your pop-up blocker to view the transcript, as it will appear as a PDF in a separate window.
  • To view an unofficial transcript that you created earlier, click the View All Requested Reports button. 

Official transcripts

If you need to request an official transcript of your academic record to supply to someone outside the University, see How to view your certified digital transcript.