Postgraduate study in Audiology

What can you study in Audiology?

Postgraduate study in Audiology is undertaken as part of the Master of Audiology programme. The areas of study are:

  • Auditory neuroscience
  • Basic diagnostic audiology
  • Central auditory function
  • Clinical otolaryngology
  • Hearing aids and other devices for the hearing impaired
  • Physics and acoustics

Once you have your Master in Audiology, you will be able to train and work as an audiologist.

Where can postgraduate study in Audiology take you?

Master of Audiology graduates will have the necessary academic knowledge, research and clinical experience to practice audiology at entry-level. Graduates may work as clinicians in the public or private sector or apply to pursue doctoral study.

Jobs related to Audiology

  • Audiologist
  • Deaf Education Resource Centre employee
  • Cochlear implant programme employee
  • Product educator for hearing aid manufacturers
  • Researcher

Further study options

Help and advice

For requests related to admission to the Master of Audiology please contact Student Hubs.

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