Conflict and Terrorism Studies

Conflict and Terrorism Studies investigates the causes and dynamics of political violence and how best to resolve it.

Subject overview

The world is afflicted by many forms of political violence, from civil war and mass killings in the name of religion and ideology, to the radicalisation of people for terrorism.

In the Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies you will study the causes, dynamics and consequences of this violence, and explore practical and ethical approaches to its prevention and resolution.

Where can Conflict and Terrorism Studies take you?

You can develop your potential for roles in government and security, international organisations, policy making, peacekeeping and post-conflict development.

Our graduates in this field have careers in government agencies, non-governmental and corporate organisations in a number of countries.

Career options with an Arts degree

Explore your study options in Conflict and Terrorism Studies

You can also find out more from our Postgraduate Week webinar featuring a panel of staff, current students and graduates talking about the programme and what to expect from the experience. Watch the recorded webinar here.