Digital Health

Design, implement and evaluate digital health to improve and support equity of health service provision and outcomes for patients and populations in New Zealand.

Subject overview

Digital health has been defined by the New Zealand Ministry of Health as “the use of digital technologies and accessible data, and the associated cultural change it induces, to help New Zealanders manage their health and wellbeing and transform the nature of health care delivery.”

Studying digital health at the University of Auckland is for those who want to advance their knowledge and practice associated with any aspect of adopting digital technologies to improve health, from inception to operation. Our digital health programmes aim to upskill the healthcare and information and technology workforce in this rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field between medical/clinical practice, business, and computer sciences.

These programmes would be of particular interest to a diverse range of professionals including managers, health professionals, data scientists, computer scientists,and bio-engineers. Throughout our programmes, you will learn ​​to design, implement and evaluate digital health tools and initiatives to improve and support equity of health service provision and outcomes for patients and populations in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally.

If you want to be well-prepared for a range of specialist employment opportunities and careers in digital health, this programme is for you!

Areas of study

Specialised knowledge and skills in digital health in the Aotearoa New Zealand and international context, Hauora Māori, equity, health informatics, knowledge management, data ethics and analytics, and digital health development, implementation and evaluation.

Where can Digital Health take you?

There are many roles involved in running health organisations that require a digital health skill set. With advances in technology, there is a growing need for people who can apply their analysis, computing, information management and telecommunication skills to support the design, development, implementation and evaluation of information and healthcare information systems.

Health sector jobs related to digital health include:

  • Chief Clinical Information Officer
  • Chief Nurse Information Officer
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Officer
  • Knowledge Advisor
  • Project Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Digital Health Advisor
  • Digital Health Evaluator
  • Public Health Informatician