Medical Science

Medical Science features research-led courses usually taken as part of a Biomedical Science programme. These provide an understanding of the scientific basis of health and disease.

Subject overview

Medical Science (and Biomedical Science) is a rapidly expanding, research-led field, encompassing those disciplines relevant to an understanding of the scientific basis of health and disease in humans and animals.

The University of Auckland is acknowledged as a centre of excellence in this field, reflecting the high quality of the biomedical research carried out in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and at the School of Biological Sciences in the Faculty of Science.

Postgraduate research projects in Medical Science can also be undertaken at the Liggins Institute for students with a particular interest in fetal and child health, nutrition, development, epigenetics and translational science.

Where can Medical Science take you?

Medical Science offers graduates opportunities in universities, research institutes and private sector pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries.

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