Molecular Medicine

Molecular Medicine is a study of the cellular and molecular basis of disease which in turn can lead to curing of human diseases.

Subject overview

Molecular Medicine studies the cellular and molecular basis of disease. The goal of Molecular Medicine is to develop a greater, more comprehensive understanding of human biology and disease.  

Hosted within the Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology, School of Medical Sciences, this subject looks at the molecular structure of life, translating molecules and genes to improve understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of human disease.

Where can Molecular Medicine take you?

When you study Molecular Medicine, you will learn how to apply in-depth biomedical and biological science knowledge for the improvement of human health through the development of novel approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

With these hypothesis-led research endeavours, you can enhance the links with research communities and grow research outputs for the benefit of the region and the country.

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