Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmaceutical Science is multi-disciplinary and aims to develop new medicines and therapies. It focuses on physical-chemical properties, pharmacology, dosage form design, routes of administration, methods of analysis, and effective delivery of pharmaceutical substances.

Subject overview

Pharmaceutical Science improves lives by making medicines more effective and safer.

Pharmaceutical science turns pure drug molecules into effective, patient-ready medicines and involves design, synthesis, targeting, distribution, safety considerations, quality assurance and Good Manufacturing and Laboratory Practices. You’ll also learn exciting new developments in the chemical, biomedical science, biological and regulatory areas.

This specialisation is designed for both science and pharmacy graduates who wish to develop and enhance their knowledge and skill in the development, evaluation and introduction of new pharmaceutical products.

Although the courses are categorised as taught courses, there is considerable emphasis on guided independent learning and self-motivated study, together with shared learning in small tutorial groups. Courses in this subject area are offered in a Flexible learning format.

If you are interested in a cutting-edge scientific career in developing new medicines or improving medicine delivery and wish to make a real difference in people’s health, Pharmaceutical Science could be for you.

Where can Pharmaceutical Science take you?

Career options in Pharmaceutical Science are diverse and continuously growing. A portion of our graduates go on to gain masters and PhD qualifications. This specialisation can take you into a variety of jobs, including opportunities in pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, the agriculture sector, food science, government authorities and in universities.

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