Postgraduate study in Photonics

What can you study in Photonics?

You will pursue advanced courses in Physics and Electrical Engineering and learn about the design and use of lasers, optical fibres, waveguides, microresonators, optoelectronic devices, optical communications, sensing, imaging and detection.
Areas of research open to exploration include:

  • Advanced imaging technologies
  • Micro-to-nanofabrication
  • Optoelectronics and communications
  • Photonic engineering
  • Propagation of light in optical fibres
  • Optical instrumentation and sensing
  • Nonlinear optical devices

Structuring your postgraduate programme in Photonics

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (BSc(Hons)) in Photonics

Prerequisite courses

Prior to applying for a BSc(Hons) in Photonics you are required to have completed

ELECTENG 209 Analogue and Digital Design, ELECTENG 210 Electronics 1, ELECTENG 303 Systems and Control.


Explore the postgraduate courses you can take for a Photonics specialisation:

Where can postgraduate study in Photonics take you?

The field of photonics, also known as optoelectronics or electro–optics is having a significant impact on society. Many industries are finding that the equipment they service or develop contains optical or photonic components as well as traditional electronics, and there is a growing demand for people who understand this technology.

Jobs related to Photonics

  • Application engineer
  • Communications technician
  • Photonics R&D specialist
  • Fibre optic technician
  • Optical assistant
  • Telecommunications technician

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