My Auckland: Tate Fountain

Bachelor of Arts student Tate Fountain studied overseas at Trinity College Dublin, in Ireland, as part of our 360 International programme. She shares what she missed about Auckland while on her exchange.


"Some of my first points of interest in any city I visit are its art galleries. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki is no exception. Their exhibitions are always excellent, and you can see most of them for free – though the price attached is always worth the ones you do have to pay for. 

In my first year, I saw some of Botticelli's works, which blew me away (he's one of my faves), and right now I love DiscoVERY and the Guerrilla Girls. Can't wait to see their Frances Hodgkins one, either!"


"The Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter are home to so many special haunts: the food and beverage scene is glorious, the views are beautiful, and the ASB Waterfront Theatre is bringing you Auckland Theatre Company's latest and greatest, alongside international productions."


"This is a bit of a cheat because I didn't actually visit the Pop Up Globe until this year, but if I'd even once set foot in it prior to leaving the country I'd have missed it the entire time. These are top quality productions, and so engaging. Get along to the Winter Festival in July! (I don't just say that because I'm in it.)"


"Auckland is also a great access point for trips around the country! My Friends and I headed out to Whatipu one weekend, and there are so many other options just a short drive/bus/plane ride away - offsetting carbon emissions, hopefully!"


"The ice creams pictured were post-exam treats from Giapo, but this spot goes out to the Auckland food scene as a whole. There are so many brilliant eateries tucked around the place: Britomart, Ponsonby, Grey Lynn - I'm eager to keep exploring, because my already-long mental list is nowhere near exhaustive." 


"One of the spots I missed was actually the University of Auckland. It might have been the degree of familiarity; it might have been the fact you could enrol in classes online instead of having to fill out a metric tonne of paperwork - but this place has its charms. And Symonds Street is actually kinda gorgeous."

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