ARCHHTC 102G Modern Architecture and Urbanism

ARCHHTC 102G | ARTS, BE, EDSW, EMHSS, LC* | Semester One 2021 | City Campus | 15 points

*Does not satisfy the General Education requirement for Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS).


This course examines the cultural contexts that shaped the development of architecture, urban design, landscape and the environment during the twentieth century.

Emphasis is placed on the historical developments that influenced changes in style and the theoretical contexts that shaped attitudes towards inhabitation, social organisation, national identity, and cultural self-expression, amongst other things.

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of the key developments and movements in architecture from the late 19th century to the late 20th century, with a predominantly Western focus
  • Reflect upon the relationship between architecture and its cultural, social and physical contexts
  • Identify, research, contextualise and analyse significant late 19th and 20th century buildings and/or architecture projects, with reference to such things as ideation, siting, exterior form, planning, spatial qualities, structure and materials
  • Demonstrate improved written communication skills

Student Feedback

'The lecturer was really good and well organised. Made me feel confident in my work.'

'The structure of lectures looking at architects, their influences and their designs, was efficient and most helpful for my learning. Really good feedback provided after assignments had been submitted.'

'Great lectures with useful and relevant information, guest lecturers were interesting, great online resources.'

'The lectures were all very engaging. The summary notes were helpful and the online resources such as videos were also helpful and interesting.'

'I liked the course content and found the lectures engaging and interesting. I enjoyed the assignments, mostly because we could study the same building for both of them. I ended up very attached to my building, which motivated me to perform well on my assignments.'

Topics Covered

  • Background: Ancient to Baroque
  • Classical Revival
  • Gothic Revival
  • Transformation/Construction
  • Transformation/Building Types
  • Transformation/Urban Developments
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Art Nouveau
  • Early Modernism and Futurist Architecture
  • Against Ornament: Adolf Loos
  • Inner Forces of Ornament: Henry van de Velde
  • Mechanisation: August Perret
  • Mechanisation: Peter Behrens
  • Mechanisation: Bruno Taut
  • Bauhaus: Walter Gropius
  • Le Corbusier pre 1930
  • Mies van der Rohe
  • Aalvar Aalto and the Scandinavian Tradition
  • Architecture and Fascism: Giuseppe Terrangni
  • Architecture and Fascism: Albert Speer
  • Monument: Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Louis Kahn
  • International Style
  • Brutalism
  • CIAM, TeamX
  • Japanese Metabolism
  • Modern Architecture in China
  • Architectural Production in the 1960s and 70s
  • Critical Regionalism
  • Postmodernism: Robert Venturi
  • Postmodernism: The New York Five
  • Pluralism: Aldo Rossi
  • Pluralism: James Stirling
  • Pluralism: Carlo Scarpa

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