ENGGEN 101G Software, Data and Intelligent Automation

ENGGEN 101G | Open | Semester One 2024 | City Centre | 15 points


Introduces concepts of intelligent automation, robotic process automation, analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning. Includes consideration of data privacy and sovereignty, and the ethics of AI. Students will engage in critical analysis of potential intelligent automation applications and solutions, and will build their own software robot through practical laboratory work.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain what intelligent automation is, how it works and how it can be utilised in an organisation;
  • Analyse how data can be used when solving problems, including the legal and ethical issues of accessing and collecting the data;
  • Discuss different worldviews of software, its ownership and how it can be used;
  • Build an automation solution to solve a problem and explain how the solution works.

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