OPTOM 101G How We See

OPTOM 101G | Open Schedule | Semester Two 2020 | City Campus | 15 points


Vision supports a wealth of behaviour: from picking up a cup, to writing a note, to interpreting the expression on a face, all the way to appreciating the beauty of a view. This course presents a broad overview of the interdisciplinary study of human vision. We start with an introduction to its biological/physiological organisation and an evolutionary perspective of how vision came to be the dominant sense in our species (where it occupies the efforts of at least a third of the brain). We consider the subjective nature of perception and why its study is fraught with methodological and philosophical caveats. Visual experience differs from one person to another, both in health and disease, and students will hear first-hand, about the profound issues faced by individuals who experience loss of vision. Our interdisciplinary understanding of vision will be further enriched by the examination of historical paintings and consideration of what they might tell us about artists’ visual experiences. 


20% mid-term multiple-choice test
20% brief write-ups of the online practicals (4% each)
60% final exam

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