PSYCH 109G Mind, Brain and Behaviour

PSYCH 109G | ARTS, BE, EDSW, LC | Semester One, Semester Two 2020 | City Campus


Topics may include:

  • The nature of sensory and perceptual processes
  • The cause of perceptual illusions
  • The structure and function of the human brain
  • Approaches to animal and human learning
  • Models of human language and memory
  • The design of psychological experiments

The course also includes a laboratory component where you are required to participate as subjects.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be:

  • Familiar with basic principles of research design, and have an appreciation of the practical, ethical and conceptual issues that researchers may face when designing and undertaking psychological research
  • Able to describe the major principles underlying learning in both animals and humans, and some of their implications for understanding the relation between behaviour and environment in everyday life
  • Able to describe the major theories of cognitive development throughout the lifespan, together with evidence that tends to support or undermine these theoretical approaches
  • Familiar with the major divisions and structures of the human brain, and be able to describe the main functions of important brain structures
  • Able to describe the structure and function of nerve cells
  • Able to describe the psychological and neural processes that give rise to important aspects of perception, memory, language and thinking
  • Able to adopt a critical stance when evaluating evidence and theory in psychological science


One test (20%)
Two laboratory reports (10% each)
Final examination (60%)

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