THEOREL 106G Islam in the Contemporary World

THEOREL 106G | BE, EDSW, EMHSS, LC | Semester One 2020 | City Campus


Islam has become a very significant aspect of contemporary global and local societies. This course introduces students to an understanding of key aspects of Islam and an analysis of its significant contribution to New Zealand society, and societies and cultures across the world.

Note: this course is not available to meet the General Education requirements of the BA. Arts students wishing to take a THEOREL course to meet the GE requirements of the BA should take the OPEN schedule course THEOREL 101G: The Bible and Popular Culture.

Arts students in conjoint degrees may use this course to meet the GE requirement of their degree if the other side of their conjoint includes a component from the faculties of Business and Economics, Education and Social Work, Engineering, Medical and Health Sciences, Law, or Creative Arts and Industries. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the life of Muhammad and the origins of Islam
  • Discuss the development of the early schools of Islamic philosophy and theology
  • Critically discuss the relevance and value of Islamic law
  • Have an understanding of Islamic mysticism and its place in our current setting
  • Discuss contemporary scholarly debates on the place of women in Islam
  • Be able to analyse the current debate on the relationship between Islam and democracy
  • Have an understanding of contemporary approaches to interpreting the Quran
  • Develop an informed perspective by engaging with the course readings
  • Present a brief analysis in short essay form demonstrating understanding

Topics covered

  • Faces of Islam in contemporary New Zealand
  • God and the Quran
  • Muhammad
  • Theological/philosophical debates
  • Islamic law sharia
  • Mysticism
  • Family, Women and Gender
  • Minorities and Migration
  • Hejra, Dawah and Jihad
  • Islam, Secularism and Democracy
  • Islam and New Zealand


Mid-semester online quiz: 20%
2000 word essay: 30%
Exam: 50%

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