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TFCARTSGEN 92F Introduction to the Arts and Humanities

What do our monsters say about us? The current theme of TFCARTSGEN 92F is Monsters and Moral Panics. While avoiding (or perhaps encouraging?) conversations with wolves, students will peer through the barley-sugared window panes and examine if witch-hunting was an appropriate career choice for Hansel and Gretel? Or should they be been jailed for trespass and property damage? In so doing the following questions need to be considered: What do monsters say about the time/place from which they emerge? Is a monster really a monster or is it something else entirely? If society "panics" about a group of people, an individual, or a kind of behaviour how might we respond? Rather than simply reaching for our crossbows how might we interpret this panic using the tools of different disciplines?

ARTSGEN 92F is an interdisciplinary course designed to encourage students to think, write and represent in a variety of different ways. This is achieved through the introduction of different Arts and Arts-related subjects/disciplines and the ways different academic disciplines can, in their own unique ways, work complementarily to enrich our understanding of the construction of identities.