Arts General

ArtsGen 92F is an interdisciplinary, skills-based course that takes students through a special research topic with input from a number of different disciplines within Arts and Arts-related faculties. A broad theme is examined from different angles by a number of different guest lecturers. This course focuses on research skills and the introduction of different disciplinary approaches from the Arts and Humanities.

This course is currently only available during Semester Two.

Lectures: Two one-hour hour lectures per week
Workshop/tutorial: One two-hour workshop per week
Course Coordinator: Dr Sara Buttsworth
Teaching Staff: Sara Buttsworth and a range of guest lecturers from the Faculty of Arts.


Coursework: 60%
(participation 5%, two in-class essays of 10% each, group presentation 15%, research essay 20%)
Final examination: 40% (2 hours)

Prescribed text

There are no prescribed texts. Core readings are provided through the Library or electronically via Canvas. Other readings are recommended by tutors throughout the semester and may be available as hand-outs, short loans, in the library, or for purchase.