Arts General

Semester Two

TFCARTSGEN 92F Introduction to the Arts and Humanities

We're going on a Monster Hunt! The theme around which the course is based is “Monsters in the Mirror”. A critical examination of identities and the ways we see ourselves and others are at its heart. This is an interdisciplinary, skills-based course with input from guest lecturers across Arts and Arts related faculties. Through fairy tales to witch hunts to things that go BUMP in the night, the course focuses on research skills and the introduction of different disciplinary approaches from the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Coursework: 100%
Final two-hour examination: 40%


Lectures: Two one-hour lectures per week
Workshop/Tutorial: One two-hour workshop per week

Prescribed text

There are no prescribed texts. Core readings are provided through the Library or electronically through CANVAS. Other readings are recommended by tutors throughout the semester.

Course Convenor

Dr Sara Buttsworth
PhD (Western Australia)