Your destination: Degree-level study at UoA

The skills you gain at Auckland Business School can boost your performance in almost any industry.

We recently completely revamped the first year of our Bachelor of Commerce. After your TFC year, you can look forward to our unique First Year in Business programme.

You'll gain precious skills and knowledge as you, your lecturers, and classmates unpack real-world problems. Our first-year core courses will enlighten and invigorate you as you experience the dynamic environment that businesses actually operate in. You'll live the dream of turning an idea into a business. You’ll help create the story of a growing company – taking it on a journey from start-up to medium-sized enterprise, and finally launching it as a global business.

You’ll have to roll up your sleeves and grapple with real-world business problems. We demand a lot of energy and focus from you – but you’ll be swept along by the thrill of success as you seize opportunities.

Our Bachelor of Commerce programme is the closest you’ll get to the real world of business while studying.

Join the Business School by way of the TFC!

Semester Two

TFCBUS 92: Foundation Business

Foundation Business develops an understanding of the role of business in a rapidly changing national and international context. The course focuses on factors impacting success for future graduates, building business literacy and key skills and abilities to manage self, teams, organisations, industries, society and the nation.


  • Weekly Quizzes: 10%
  • Academic Writing Assignment: 20%
  • Team Performance: 20%
  • Final Exam: 50%


  • Lecture: one-hour lecture per week
  • Tutorial/Workshop: two-hour tutorial and two-hour workshop per week