Semester Two

TFCBUS 92 Foundation Business

Foundation Business develops an understanding of the role of business in a rapidly changing national and international context. The course focuses on factors impacting success for future graduates, building business literacy and key skills and abilities to manage self, teams, organisations, industries, society and the nation.

Credit for coursework: 50%

(Weekly quizzes 10%; Academic writing, Assignment 20%, Team performance 20%)

Final exam: 50%
Lectures: One one-hour lecture per week
Tutorials: One one-hour tutorial per week
Workshop: One two-hour workshop per week

Course Convenor
Kim Ashton
MMgt (Distinction), PGDipBusAdmin, BBS, CAT
Room 260-405 (OGGB)
Level 4, 12 Grafton Rd, City Campus
Phone: + 64 9 923 6395 ext 86395