Creative Arts

Your destination: Degree-level study at UoA

The Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries is the creative heart of the University and a centre of excellence for the arts in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our programmes span Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, Dance, Design, Fine Arts, and Music. Our unique creative environment fosters artistic and professional innovation. We encourage new ways of thinking, acting, making and expressing, which will help graduates to reshape our world.

As a student here, you’ll develop your skills under the guidance of leading practitioners, academics and researchers. You’ll become part of our community. In our studios and workshops, you’ll be challenged, encouraged and supported. You’ll learn by doing and making, discussing and collaborating, working with others and expressing your ideas with conviction.

Begin your journey into Creative Arts by way of the TFC:

Semester Two

TFCCAI 92F: Foundation Creative Arts

This course focuses on the creative brain and human imagination. Participants will gain a practical and theoretical understanding of the skills and practices employed by performing artists, visual artists and designers when creating a performance, art object or design portfolio. After completing the course, students will be able to discuss artistic practices using creative arts vocabulary, describe artistic processes and collaborate to create an art object or performance.


  • Creative Practice Test: 60%
  • Creative Journal: 20%
  • Creative participation and contribution: 20%


  • Workshops: two two-hour workshops per week