What on Earth is going on? Geography is concerned with many aspects of the world in which we live. Geographers study the physical and social processes that shape our world, and places within it. Geography fits well with many other subjects in the physical sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Foundation Geography introduces a selection of key geographical ideas, encourages you to explore, interpret and think critically about the world, and assists you to develop appropriate strategies and academic skills to prepare you for degree study.

TFCGEO 91F Foundation Geography 1

This course introduces the themes of population and development. We explore topics such as global and regional patterns of population growth, overpopulation, migration, urbanisation and problems facing cities, development inequality and sustainable development.

TFCGEO 92F Foundation Geography 2

This course focuses on the relationship between humans and our environment. We investigate long-term trends in resource use, human impacts on the environment, approaches to sustainable resource management, and the challenges of understanding and living with environmental hazards.