Environment and Society

What on Earth is going on? Environment and Society is concerned with many aspects of the world in which we live. Geographers study the physical and social processes that shape our world, and places within it. Environment and Society fits well with many other subjects in the physical sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Foundation Environment and Society introduces a selection of key geographical ideas, encourages you to explore, interpret and think critically about the world, and assists you to develop appropriate strategies and academic skills for degree study.

TFCENV 91F Environment and Society 1

Introduces ideas on the impact of social processes in the human environment. Humans have long had a major impact on their environments. This course will examine these impacts using social and cultural lenses to understand a variety of geographic case studies. This course draws on the subjects of Human Geography and Geographic Information Science.

TFCENV 92F Environment and Society 2

Introduces how we might understand physical processes in the environment. Better understanding of physical processes will assist in addressing environmental concerns. This course will examine these processes, drawing on case studies from Physical Geography, Earth Sciences and Environmental Science.