Your destination: Degree-level study at UoA

History offers insights into the forces that have shaped our world and our selves.

You have the freedom to study different cultures, regions, themes and time periods to gain an appreciation of people's lives and experiences in the past. You will also come to understand how societies have changed over time.

Study opportunities include New Zealand history, Māori and Indigenous histories, pre-modern and modern Europe, American history and the histories of Asia, Australia and the Pacific.

Our graduates have careers in government, museums, the public service, business, teaching and libraries. Many have become researchers with the Waitangi Tribunal, the Office of Treaty Settlements, and Manatū Taonga/Ministry for Culture and Heritage. Others have continued their study of history at institutions such as Harvard University and the University of Oxford.

Begin your journey into History by way of the TFC:

Semester One

TFCHISTORY 91F: Foundation History

Historians are super-sleuths and story tellers who ask questions, solve riddles – and play games! What’s in a name? Who am I? Who are you? Where are we? Where have we come from? These are just some of the questions we will be exploring in History 91F. In order to unravel these riddles, we need the historian’s toolbox, which introduces skills suitable for the pursuit of history. Such study provides a solid foundation for critical thinking, speaking and writing. These skills are invaluable in a wide-range of disciplines – and everyday life.

In this course we will be looking at places and spaces and reading not only books, but buildings, objects, and people. In terms of content, we survey New Zealand history between 1769 and 1840, with particular emphasis on the interaction and relationships between the Māori world and Europeans, and their ongoing legacies to today.


  • Coursework: 100%


  • Lecture: two one-hour lectures per week
  • Tutorial: two one-hour tutorials per week