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We live in an information age. Computers collect and store information in quantities undreamt of in earlier times. But raw data is useless until people start to make sense of it.

Statistics is the human side of the computer revolution – it’s the art and science of extracting meaning from complex data. Statistics applies to almost any field, so it can make you more employable, regardless of your career choice.

Begin your journey into Statistics by way of the TFC:

Semester Two

TFCSTATS 92F: Data Analytics

This course provides an introduction to statistics for anyone who will ever have to collect, analyse or interpret data, either in their career or private life. Statistical skills will be developed through the exploratory data analysis of real examples, using appropriate technology and statistical techniques. The communication of results to others in oral or written form is an important aspect of the course.


  • Coursework and Tests: 60%
  • Final Test: 40%


  • Lecture: two one-hour lectures per week
  • Tutorial: two one-hour tutorials per week