Nutrition is the major contributor to the common diseases of New Zealanders: cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity. It is also significant that nutrition-related diseases are very prevalent amongst Māori and Pacific people, and these population groups are well-represented in Auckland. Nutrition has been a feature of much research done in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences for many years.

Areas of study

It is possible to take the following postgraduate courses in this subject towards a biomedical science specialisation in the PG Diploma in Science, or a health sciences or public health programme as listed below:

MEDSCI 709 Nutrition in Health & Disease

MEDSCI 710 Nutrition Mechanisms

MEDSCI 711 Clinical Nutrition

MEDSCI 712 Critical Evaluation of Nutritional Therapies

POPLHLTH 765 Nutrition Interventions in Public Health

The faculty also offers a Master of Health Sciences in Nutrition and Dietetics. This programme provides the specialised postgraduate training required to enable graduates to seek registration with the New Zealand Dietitians Board in order to practise as a Dietitian in New Zealand.

You can study Nutrition in the following programmes:

Career opportunities

Science and health sciences graduates may be interested in a research career and nutrition provides different possible avenues for this. Health sciences professionals including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, sports scientists and public health experts may consider advanced/specialist or refresher training in nutrition.

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