Ancient History


Ancient History explores the civilisations of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. These civilisations faced many of the problems encountered by the modern world and attempted to solve them. Ancient History maintains a lively and intellectually challenging research culture among students from different disciplines with a wide range of skills. We currently have a substantial number of MA and PhD students, and recent appointments have increased the range of staff research interests.

Areas of study

In Ancient History you can study Greek and Roman history and historiography, Eygptian history, late antiquity, archaeology and art history, and the intellectual world of Greece and Rome.

You can study Ancient History in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will undertake advanced work in two of the three streams of Greece, Rome and Egypt.

Postgraduate courses in Ancient History reflect our research strengths:

  • Greek and Roman history and historiography
  • Egyptian history
  • late antiquity
  • archaeology and art history
  • the intellectual world of Greece and Rome.

Career opportunities

We have been connected over many decades with the development of important scholars, authors and university teachers in the areas of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. Previous postgraduate students have gone on to PhD study, to academic positions in Britain, the USA and New Zealand, and to careers in law, teaching, and business.

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