What is Single-Sign-On?

The University of Auckland has many web applications that use Single-Sign-On. Once you have signed on to one of these applications, you'll be able to access all the other applications you have access to, without being prompted to log in again to each of them.

How to log out

The only way to log out is to completely exit your browser by closing each and every window.

How to completely exit most common Web browsers:

Operating System Web Browser How to completely exit
Windows Firefox On the File menu select Exit (shortcut key Alt+F+X)
Windows Google Chrome Click the Tools menu and select Exit
Windows Internet Explorer Close all Internet Explorer windows by clicking each window's close box or on the File menu select Close (shortcut key Ctrl+W). You must do this for each and every Internet Explorer window.
Windows 7 All browsers As an alternative to the methods above, open the Jump List for your browser by right-clicking the program icon on the Windows 7 taskbar.
Select "Close window", or "Close all windows" if multiple windows are open.
Mac Safari On the File menu select Quit (shortcut key Command+Q).
Mac Firefox On the File menu select Quit (shortcut key Command+Q).
Linux Firefox On the File menu select Exit (shortcut key Alt+F+X).
iPhone Safari Tap and tap until all pages are closed, then press the home button.
iPhone Safari As an alternative to the method above, you can kill the Safari background process. Pull up your quick switch drawer (double-tap the home button), tap and hold on an app until you see a red minus sign (-) on the corner of the app's icon. Tap it to kill the background process.
Android Browser To successfully log out of a Single-Sign-On session, the browser process must killed. This can be performed within a task management tool (named Task Manager in most cases). This may vary between versions of android, phone vendors as well as the browser used on the device

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