Special Conditions for Tests and Examinations Policy


All members of Waipapa Taumata Rau, the University of Auckland.


To outline the framework established by the University for the approval of special conditions in tests and examinations for students with impairments.


  1. The University will provide appropriate special conditions to students with a permanent or temporary impairment, for tests or examinations ordinarily held under controlled conditions (online or in person).  
  2. Students are required to apply to the University for special conditions. 
  3. Applications are made online and will be reviewed and approved by a staff member with specialist expertise from the appropriate University service provider.
  4. All applications must be supported by evidence from an appropriately qualified professional.
  5. The approved conditions are to be determined in accordance with guidelines established by the respective University service provider.
  6. Special conditions may therefore vary from those previously approved at other institutions or recommended by external practitioners.
  7. Special conditions may be granted for a defined length of time or on a permanent basis depending on the nature of the impairment and the evidence provided.
  8. Application for the approval of on-going special conditions for a permanent impairment must be made no later than the mid-point of the academic term and before the commencement of the mid-term break where a break exists. 
  9. Applications for temporary conditions must be made to the appropriate service provider as soon as possible.


Examination is defined as a summative, time-limited final assessment that is conducted in a controlled setting at a specified time as per the examination timetable.

Member(s) includes all Council members, members of committees and boards, staff members, honorary and adjunct appointees, students, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, associates and business partners of either the University or its subsidiaries (as the case may be).

Test is defined as an assessment that would ordinarily be conducted in a controlled setting at a specified time outside of the examination period, that counts towards the final grade of the course, and is time-limited.

University means Waipapa Taumata Rau | University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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