Print Policy


This policy applies to all members of the University community, whether at the University or elsewhere, and refers to all copy, print and scan and facsimile resources.

This includes all faculties and business units, across all campuses and sites that use University supplied copy and print services (CAPS).


To define the responsibilities of all print service consumers and to protect services and resources appropriately.


The University provides access to copy, print, scan and facsimile resources to staff members, students and other members of the University community. In doing so it seeks to manage the system effectively in order to support security, privacy and efficient resource management.

Print services create ecologically unfavourable by-products. To support our commitment to ensuring we have a sustainable organisation, management of printing services will include minimisation of consumables and environmentally unfavourable services.

Further explanation, examples and recommended best practices for implementing this policy are provided in the accompanying Print Guidelines.


1. Managed Print Services are to be used responsibly by all members of the University community with regard to promoting sustainability and minimising costs.

2. All print devices at the University will be managed, procured and supported by ITS.

3. Users may not connect to print devices except through services advertised by the University.

4. ITS will own and manage the costs incurred by the Managed Print Service, including where applicable, a print balance service.

5. The procurement and/or use of personal desktop print devices is restricted. Devices may only be purchased as an exception to this policy if authorised by ITS Central Procurement.

6. ITS will not connect or support any unauthorised device on to the University network infrastructure.

7. The University will only provide support and consumables to authorised print devices.

8. Only paper and supplies authorised by the University may be used in devices.

9. All disposals of print devices and consumables must be made in accordance with Vendor processes.

10. Bulk printing is not to be carried out on Managed Print Service devices, such requirements must be directed to the Bindery or University print suppliers.

11. The costs of using the Managed Print Service for University staff members will be incurred directly and only to the University primary cost centers.

12. All users must authenticate with their own University user account credentials when submitting or releasing print jobs to a print device.

13. Students will have access to a balance management system which will allow for the funding and consumption of printing services.

14. Funding of student allocation print balances are at the discretion of the grant provider. The grant provider is both responsible and accountable for this balance. Any unused allocation is returned to the University at the expiry of the allocation period.

15. The print allocation is intended to be used for University Course, Programme and Research related materials and may be withdrawn if abused.

16. Users may be required to contribute to the cost of repairs from reckless or intentional damage to devices.

17. Any attempt to tamper with balances in the print balance service will be treated as a serious offense and referred to the relevant supporting service.

18. ITS, in conjunction with the contracted vendor, will conduct annual reviews of all print, scan and copy devices in the Managed Print Services fleet to appropriately provision the service.

19. Follow Me will be implemented as the standard service.

20. Any technical action or support must follow the University support processes.

21. ITS, in conjunction with the Sustainability Office, will provide printing defaults to improve the environmental footprint of the University.

22. The funding of the account balance for print and copy services is the responsibility of the account owner.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Account owner: where the account is for a member of staff the University is responsible for an account service billed to the staff member’s HR primary cost centre, all other accounts are personally funded. The student allocation balance is owned and managed by the faculty or service area providing the grant and will be consumed prior to their personal wallet balance.

Bulk printing is any printing over a total of one ream of paper (500 sheets). This level is set as being the likely print job which will immediately run a printer out of paper requiring the printer to be managed and take approximately 15 minutes to print.

CAPS means Copy and Printing Services, managed through a cost recovery service.

Follow Me printing is a specific service provided by the managed print service with a specific function of being able to print and later retrieve from any printer on the service.

Managed Print Service means the Service which controls and delivers the support and maintenance of devices under the contract with the Managed Print Vendor.

Print balance service is the service which tracks and manages the funds available to print.

Primary cost centres are the cost centres marked as primary for each staff member by the Human Resources Department.

Relevant supporting service is the support or dispute resolution service pertaining to either students, staff or members of the wider community. To resolve disputes, service providers may work with other supporting services including;

  • Proctor
  • Registrar
  • HR department
  • New Zealand Legal representation

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

University community includes all staff members (whether permanent, temporary or part time), honorary staff, students (whether full time or part time), contractors, subcontractors, consultants, alumni, associates, business partners or official visitors or guests of members of the University or UniServices.

Technical and support processes are detailed in Knowledge Articles and are expected to deliver services to the standard of the Service Level Agreements in place with ITS and the Print Vendor.

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Owner: Chief Digital Officer
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Date approved: 22 Jan 2019
Review date: 22 Jan 2024