Space Management Policy


All staff members and students of the University.


To ensure that physical space across the University is allocated and managed effectively.



1. The main purpose of the University’s real-estate and space is to assist the University to achieve its Strategic Plan objectives.

2. Property Services is delegated with the overarching responsibility to manage the allocation of space within the University and all internal and external alterations to University buildings.

Allocation and use of University space

3. The allocation of space is based on identified needs, changes in needs and benchmarked space norms for the type of activity being undertaken.

4. Space must be used in an efficient and cost effective manner to achieve the required academic and support service outcomes.

5. Faculties, LSRIs, service divisions and external entities must use the space allocated to them for the agreed purpose and must not convert the space from one use to another, or in any way alter the physical characteristics of the facilities, without the written permission of Property Services.

6. Space no longer required must be released to Property Services for reallocation.

7. Space is only to be provided to external entities under special circumstances which are in accordance with the University’s Strategic Plan objectives.

8. No external entity is authorised to occupy University space unless a written occupancy agreement is signed by both the external entity and Property Services.

Requests for space

9. Requests for additional or different spaces or facilities will be considered by Property Services following completion of a review of overall space required.

10. Space reviews will be jointly undertaken by Property Services and the dean (or delegate) of the faculty concerned, or the senior line manager (or delegate) of the LSRI, service division or external entity.

11. Space reviews will take into account actual and forecast FTEs and EFTS, actual needs, and benchmarked space norms for the type of activity being undertaken.

12. Faculties, LSRIs and service divisions must not approach third party organisations regarding occupying, leasing or operating space without the prior written agreement from Property Services.

Capital Expenditure

13. Capital expenditure proposals related to space and/or building alterations must be considered against the Capital Expenditure Committee terms of reference and the University’s Delegation Policy.

14. Such proposals are to be jointly developed by the relevant faculty, LSRI or service division and Property Services.


15. Faculties, LSRIs and service divisions must ensure that allocated spaces and associated circulation spaces are kept tidy and clear of obstructions and hazards to ensure safe evacuation egress and compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

Space Database

16. The space database maintained by Property Services is the recognised source of authoritative information regarding all rooms and spaces across the University and managed by the University.

17. To ensure that the information in the database remains current each faculty, LSRI or service division must advise Property Services of any changes in use of rooms, including changes of room types and changes to the entity occupying rooms.


The following definitions apply to this document:

FTEs means full-time equivalent staff.

EFTS means equivalent full-time students.

Property Services is a University service division providing all property related services for the University, including management, planning and development.

Staff members refers to individuals employed on a full or part time basis.

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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