Library Statute

Title and commencement

This statute may be cited as the Library Statute 2007 and comes into force on 1 January 2007, and replaces the former Library Regulations 1971.


This statute applies to all members of the University of Auckland Library.


This statute describes the conditions of borrowing, conduct of users, fines and sanctions and other information about the use of the Library.


  • Library name
  • General
  • Hours of Opening
  • Membership
  • Borrowing: General (includes conditions of borrowing)
  • Borrowing: Renewals
  • Borrowing: Recalls
  • Borrowing: High demand library material
  • Borrowing: Interlibrary loans
  • Conduct of users
  • Fines and sanctions
  • Use of library computers and electronic resources
  • Copyright


Library name

1. The name of the Library is the University of Auckland Library. It may also be known by its Māori name: Te Tumu Herenga. Variants of this name may be used to describe individual libraries or information commons in the library system.


2. Admission to the Library is conditional on observance of the provisions of this statute and of such directions as may from time to time be given by the University Librarian.

3. All users must comply with the directions of an authorised person.

4. Any infringement of this statute by a user may lead to the suspension of their use of the Library at the discretion of the University Librarian

  • Students who infringe this statute may also be subject to disciplinary action under the Statute for Student Discipline 2013
  • Staff members who infringe this statute may also be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with their conditions of employment

Hours of Opening

5. The opening hours of the Library are determined by the University Librarian.

6. The hours of opening are posted in each library and information commons and are to be found on the Library’s website.

7. These hours may be varied at the discretion of the University Librarian and any variation will be appropriately notified.


8. All members of the University Council, all current and retired University staff and all enrolled students are entitled to be members of the Library.

9. By special permission of the University Librarian, approved persons who meet the criteria in the Membership of and Conditions of Access to The University of Auckland Library may be members and accorded full or partial use of library resources.

10. Persons or classes of persons admitted as members under item 9 of this statute will be charged fees according to the fees schedule of the Membership of and Conditions of Access to The University of Auckland Library which will be determined from time to time by Council on the recommendation of Library Committee.

11. The University Librarian may in exceptional circumstances waive the membership fee, although an administration fee will normally be charged.

Borrowing: General (includes conditions of borrowing)

12. Borrowers must familiarise themselves with all borrowing information and comply with loan periods and conditions. Borrowing information is to be found on the Library website.

13. Any library material may be borrowed by a member who is entitled to do so, unless that library material is restricted for use in the Library only.

14. Borrowing ceases 15 minutes before closing.

15. The hours during which library material may be borrowed may be varied at the discretion of the University Librarian.

16. Borrowers must present any library material that they wish to borrow, with their current ID Card, for issuing at a lending desk or self issue facility.

17. The due date is set at the time of issue, and reset when a borrowed item is renewed or when it is recalled.

18. The University Librarian is under no obligation to notify borrowers when a borrowed item is overdue; a fine is charged when a borrowed item is returned after the due date, even though no overdue notice may have been received by the borrower.

19. A borrower may only take library material out of New Zealand with the permission of the University Librarian.

20. A borrower remains personally responsible for:

  • keeping each borrowed item reasonably safe and secure and in their possession
  • notifying the Library immediately if a borrowed item becomes lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed
  • returning each borrowed item on or before the due date or any earlier date specified in a recall notice
  • returning each borrowed item in the same condition and repair as when it was borrowed (subject to reasonable wear and tear)
  • notifying the Library immediately if their ID Card becomes lost, stolen or destroyed

21. A member is not permitted to allow their ID Card to be used by any other person to borrow library material.

22. A member is not permitted to use the ID Card of any other person to borrow library material.

23. Where the ID Card of a borrower is lost, stolen, or destroyed, the borrower shall be responsible for returning or replacing any library material borrowed before the loss, theft, or destruction of the card was reported.

Borrowing: Renewals

24. Borrowed items may be renewed at the expiry of a loan period at lending desks, self issue facilities or by using the renewal option available via the catalogue.

25. Renewal will be refused if the borrowed item has been recalled by another borrower.

Borrowing: Recalls

26. Members may normally recall any borrowed item.

27. The length of the loan period will be adjusted if the borrowed item has been requested by another borrower.

28. Each borrowed item is subject to recall at any time during the year, including study breaks and summer vacation.

29. Borrowers who fail to return any recalled borrowed item by the recall due date will incur a fine for each 24 hours that it is overdue.

Borrowing: High demand library material

30. Library material that is in high demand will usually be available from short loan collections.

31. High demand library material will be issued for a restricted period and normally may not be removed from the Library except in the case of overnight or three day loans.

32. Failure to return library material from short loan collections on time will incur a fine.

33. Additional fines may be charged for overdue items that have a reservation queue.

Borrowing: Interlibrary loans

34. Members may apply to borrow library material from the library of another institution through the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Service. Information about this service is to be found on the Library website.

35. The access to and use of such library material is subject to the conditions imposed by the owning library.

Conduct of users

36. A borrowed item may not be passed to another member without being reissued in that member’s name. Where this statute is breached the member in whose name the borrowed item is issued remains liable for all fines and fees payable by reason of failure to return the borrowed item that is overdue, recalled, or lost.

37. The unauthorised borrowing, removal, damage, or defacement of library material is regarded as a serious disciplinary offence.

38. Every member must report any change of address as soon as possible either by updating the information held in the central University database through the web self-service facility or by notifying the Library.

39. Seats in the Library may not be reserved and items left unattended on chairs or tables may be removed by an authorised person.

40. The Library accepts no responsibility for personal belongings brought into the Library.

41. There is to be no noisy or disruptive behaviour in the Library. Such behaviour includes conversation that disturbs other users and the audible use of equipment, including cell phones.

42. Unless specifically approved, food or drink, other than water in approved non- spillable containers, may not be consumed in any part of the Library.

43. An authorised person may confiscate food or drink not specifically approved that is brought into the Library in a consumable state.

44. All users must identify themselves if requested, and must comply with such directions as may reasonably be given by any authorised person in order to maintain good order and discipline.

45. All users must present all library material and personal property for inspection if requested.

46. All users must vacate the Library by closing time; a reminder will be given 15 minutes before the notified closing time.

Fines and sanctions

47. Failure to return borrowed items by the due date may incur a fine. See the schedule of fines.

48. Members are responsible for, and are to make good any loss of, or damage to, any borrowed item, or any library resource they use in the Library.

49. Members are normally charged an administration fee in addition to the cost of replacement or repair, whether or not the borrowed item, if lost, is subsequently found and returned in good order.

50. A borrowed item remains the property of the Library, notwithstanding payment of the bill for its replacement, and must be returned if found. A refund will be made, in whole or part, according to the condition of the item on return. The administration fee will normally be retained.

51. The University Librarian, in consultation with the Library Committee, may set a limit on library fees or fines which may be outstanding ("outstanding fees limit"). Any borrower with fees or fines outstanding in excess of the outstanding fees limit will not be allowed to borrow until the outstanding fees or fines have been paid, or until arrangements, approved by the University Librarian, to pay the outstanding fees or fines are in place.

52. Where a fine or charge in excess of the outstanding fees limit is not paid within 14 days of becoming due:

  • the member’s library privileges may be withdrawn or restricted for such period as the University Librarian thinks fit
  • The University Librarian may recommend to the Director, Academic Services that the transcript of the degree or diploma certificate be withheld from the student

53. In the case of any user who acts or behaves in the Library in a disorderly or improper manner or is otherwise in breach of this statute:

  • an authorised person may require that person to withdraw from the Library and may impose a fine, not exceeding $20, on that person
  • the user’s library privileges may be withdrawn or restricted for such period as the University Librarian thinks fit

54. Where a penalty is imposed on any member under this statute, the member may apply to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) to review the imposition of that penalty.

Use of library computers and electronic resources

55. Library computers are provided for users to access the library catalogue and for members to access library resources.

56. Electronic resources provided by the Library are normally subject to licence agreements and to copyright restrictions. Members are responsible for ensuring that their use of these resources complies with these licence agreements and the relevant copyright legislation.

57. Every user of Library computers must comply with the relevant University policies, standards and guidelines for computer use.


58. Every user of copying facilities in the Library must comply with the laws on copyright

  • The provisions of the Copyright Act 1994
  • Licensing agreements
  • University policies and library instructions, eg;, notices on photocopiers, on-line instructions, and written forms

59. While a user may be entitled to make one copy for their private study, the making of multiple copies is not permitted.

Library Regulations 1971

60. The Library Regulations 1971 are hereby repealed with effect from 31 December 2006.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Authorised person is a library or security staff member acting under delegation from the University Librarian.

Borrowed item means any library material borrowed from the library.

Borrower(s) means any member who is entitled to borrow library material.

Due date is the date by which a borrowed item must be returned by the borrower.

ID card means the University identity card.

Library refers to all parts of the University library including information commons and such other areas as may be under the management of the University Librarian.

Library material includes all types of printed, written, photographic, audiovisual, machine-readable material and borrowable equipment held by the Library.

Library resource includes all library material, facilities and services (including electronic resources and software) available in, from or through the library to some or all users.

Member means all persons permitted to use the library under clauses 8 and 9 of this statute.

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full or part time basis.

Student means a person who is enrolled as a student at the University.

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

University Librarian means the person appointed by the Vice Chancellor who is responsible for the management of all parts of the Library.

User means any person who uses the library.

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