Professor, Associate Professor and Professional Teaching Fellow 4 Salary Progression Policy and Procedures


All academic staff members at the grade of professor, associate professor and professional teaching fellow 4 (PTF4).


To confirm the University’s commitment to review the remuneration of professors, associate professors and PTF4's on an annual basis.


1. Salary progression will be based on:

  • evidence of achievement against the criteria and standards required for the grade
  • the advice of the academic head and dean
  • the advisory committee and on such other advice and evidence as appropriate

2. The staff member will be provided with feedback on the decision.

3. The remuneration paid to each associate professor and professor is reviewed annually with effect from 1 February.

Related procedures

Evidence considered

1. In determining the remuneration of professors, associate professors and PTF4's the Vice-Chancellor will consider the:

  • advice of the academic head through the dean
  • advice of the dean
  • advice of the advisory committee

2. The Vice-Chancellor will, when appropriate, have access and refer to:

  • record of activities and achievements as detailed in the Academic Development and Performance Review (ADPR)
  • the employment agreement of staff members

3. Where an academic head is being considered, the dean may nominate an alternative advisor.

4. In the case of academics not in faculties, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) will take the role of dean, the director will take the role of academic head.


5. The following criteria will be taken into account in assessing performance:

  • teaching
  • research and creative work
  • service and leadership

6. At the time of the remuneration review any recruitment and retention variable supplementary payment may be reviewed.

Advisory committee

7. The Vice-Chancellor will convene a small advisory committee which will comprise senior academic staff of high academic standing with experience in the staffing and management processes of the University.

Conflicts of interest, confidentiality, disclosure

8. Any person with any role with an actual or potential conflict of interest must advise the dean or Vice-Chancellor, and must not contribute to decisions affected by that conflict of interest.

9. Strict confidentiality will be accorded to each aspect of this process.

10. The individual report of the academic head and dean will be disclosed on request of the staff member, but not ranking information.

Overall assessment

11. The following guide is used to assist deans to provide an overall assessment for each professor, associate professor and PTF4:

Dean’s assessment of the overall level of achievement in teaching, research, and service in the last year, in the context of the staff member’s recent career achievements:

  • 1 Superior – a truly outstanding level of accomplishment in the past year which is exceptional
  • 2 Surpasses expectations – extremely strong performer in the past year who has provided a role model for colleagues in all areas
  • 3 Achieves expectations* – performed very well in all areas in the past year as is to be expected at this level, or performed extremely strongly in some areas, but not as well in others
  • 4 Below expectations – active but performance in the past year was in some respect below the very good level that is to be expected at this level – e.g. performance is not consistent or is weaker than is appropriate in some areas
  • 5 Unsatisfactory – performance is below the very good level to be expected at this level and may be of serious concern; a review of performance needs to be undertaken

* Note – the category “Achieves expectations” reflects the very good level of performance which is to be expected of members at this level. It therefore follows that this will be the most frequently used.


Staff Member Completes ADPR (Academic Development and Performance Review) Forwards ADPR to Academic Head Mid-Feb
Academic head

Consider ADPR

Advises dean on: performance of each professor and associate professor and PTF

Forwards evidence and advice to dean

End of Feb

Considers evidence available, including:

- academic head’s advice on performance of each professor, associate professor and PTF4's

- relevant sections of the ADPR

Advises Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Committee of the dean’s overall assessments

Forwards all evidence and advice to Human Resources

Early March


Advisory Committee

Considers evidence and advice

Meets with dean to hear recommendations

Advises Vice-Chancellor on appropriate remuneration outcome for each professor, associate professor and PTF4 on evidence available


Determines remuneration of each professor, associate professor and PTF4
Advises dean

Provides letter to each staff member who has a remuneration increase from the review

Decision to take effect from 1 February


Forwards letters to staff

Advises academic heads of outcome of review

On request of staff member, discusses decision with staff member

VC Nominee On request of staff member, discusses decision with staff member  


The following definitions apply to this document:

Academic head covers heads of departments, schools and other teaching and research units at Level 3 in the University Organisation Structure.

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full or part time basis.

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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