Relocation Policy and Procedures


Those staff members provided with relocation as a condition of their employment agreement


To support new staff members who need to relocate to take up employment with the University


1. Staff members engaged for a term of three years or less are entitled to relocation assistance as agreed on a case by case basis.

2. In the event that a staff member is provided with relocation assistance and resigns before completing three years of service, a proportionate refund of the relocation assistance provided will be made by the staff member.

3. If the staff member does not require any or all of the relocation assistance offered, there will be no cash equivalent made available.


Countries outside New Zealand:

4. Approved airfares from the place of residence at the time the appointment is made to Auckland will be paid by the University for the person appointed and a partner and dependent children.

5. When available these airfares will be at special concession rates, otherwise at economy rates.

New Zealand:

6. Approved airfares from the place of residence to Auckland for the person appointed and partner and dependent children will be made, or a kilometre rate paid if a vehicle is driven to Auckland.

Household effects

7. Shipment of household effects will be through the University’s preferred New Zealand Relocations partner.

8. The University will pay for shipment of the approved volume, plus transit insurance, on a door to door basis.

9. Volume of goods up to:

  • individual/couple - one 20 foot container
  • family - one 40 foot container

10. Pets and motor vehicles are not included.

11. Staff members wishing to bring pets or vehicles with them must make their own arrangements for this.


12. The University will pay for an approved volume of effects to be stored for up to four weeks after arrival in Auckland.

Accommodation allowance

13. The University will provide accommodation in a serviced apartment within close proximity of the city campus for up to 21 days immediately following arrival.

Rental car

14. The University will provide the staff member with a rental car for two weeks upon arrival. This will be a standard 1.8 – 2 litre automatic car with unlimited mileage and comprehensive insurance.

Immigration costs

15. The University will reimburse the costs associated with immigration to New Zealand up to the value of NZ$1,000 upon commencement of employment at the University. This may include the costs of medicals, police checks and the application fees for the work visa/residence. Receipts will need to be provided.

Orientation tour

16. The staff member and his/her partner and dependent children will be taken on a half day orientation tour of Auckland, depending on needs.

Tax orientation

17. Upon arrival in New Zealand each staff member will receive a one hour private consultation with a tax professional to discuss their personal tax issues.

Related procedures


1. Where possible approved airfares will be prepaid by the University. If this is not possible, reimbursement of previously approved travel costs will be made.

Household effects

2. The University’s preferred supplier will seek competitive quotations from their agents in the city/country concerned.

3. The insurance policy is "All Risks" and covers all household and personal items excluding jewellery, cash etc.

4. Items of high or particular value, such as collectible items, for example wine or antiques, may need to be insured separately and must be brought to the attention of the University's preferred relocation partner.

5. Any additional cost of insuring these types of items will be borne by the staff member.

6. The staff member will be provided with full details of transit insurance cover offered.

7. The cost of anything additional to the approved volume will be borne by the staff member and payment of this must be made directly to the forwarding agent.

8. Pets and motor vehicles are not included.

9. Staff members wishing to bring pets or vehicles with them must make their own arrangements for this.

10. New Zealand quarantine regulations in the case of pets, and customs duties and steering conversion costs in the case of vehicles should be considered.

Rental car

11. An international driver’s licence will be required and is the individual's responsibility to organise this prior to car hire

Orientation tour

12. This tour will include visiting various suburbs around Auckland and looking at the types of housing available in the area, community and education facilities and showcasing some of the highlights of the city.

13. This may be taken once the staff member has arrived permanently in New Zealand or as part of the interview process.

14. The staff member will also be provided with access to Crown’s comprehensive on-line Country Guide, Voyager, which includes useful information around New Zealand culture, along with practical elements such as healthcare, housing & education. Crown will also share detail around how to apply for an IRD number.

New Zealand tax summary document

15. The summary provided will address rules for New Zealand income tax, rules for tax residence, the accrual rules and foreign investment funds. This document is designed as a starting point for staff members to identify possible tax issues they may have.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full or part time basis

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries  

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