Casual Employment Policy and Procedures


All staff members


To provide the guiding principles and procedures for employing staff members on casual agreements


The University employs academic and professional staff members on casual employment agreements to carry out specific duties that relate to immediate but temporary academic and service needs. The University is legally bound by the Employment Relations Act, related legislation and any relevant collective agreements.


1. Casual employment is to be subject to one day’s notice in writing given by either party

2. Holiday pay (8%) is paid on top of the staff member's hourly rate

3. Casual staff members must sign a written employment agreement setting out the terms and conditions of employment prior to commencing work

4. Where a staff member works in more than one casual position, a separate casual employment agreement is required for each position i.e. jobs in different departments, at different pay rates or involving different types of work

Note - Please refer to ‘Offering casual employment to existing staff members


5. Individuals employed on a casual employment agreement are either to be:

  • working irregular hours with no clear pattern of work or
  • engaged for a short term or one off event of less than 14 days

6. Casual employment does not normally require external advertising however a modest selection process will be used where practical

Note - Human resources provides a temporary staffing service that you are able to contact if you require assistance with sourcing a suitable candidate

7. If the preferred candidate is reporting to a relative, then dean/director approval is required before the offer can be made and timesheets will need to be dealt with by an alternative manager

8. The employing manager is to negotiate with the preferred candidate and agree on the following details:

  • brief description of the tasks that will be undertaken
  • hourly rate
  • start date
  • approximate end date

9. Once agreed with the candidate, the employing manager is to liaise with Group Services to action

10. The employing manager is to confirm the following details with Group Services in order to action the casual offer of employment:

  • candidates details including University employee number (if applicable)
  • brief description of the tasks that will be undertaken
  • start date
  • department
  • hourly rate
  • proof of identity and/or work visa (if applicable)
  • reports to manager (who will be approving timesheets via the online HR system)

11. Once all the relevant information is supplied in order to generate the contract, Group Services is to enter the information into the online HR system for approval

12. Once approved, Group Services is to generate the employment agreement to be signed by the individual

13. Once signed and relevant payroll information has been supplied, this will be the attached to the request on the HR system and sent to Payroll

14. Payroll is to process the agreement and upload it to the HR system

Note - Once uploaded, the individual will be able to enter in timesheets against this casual employment agreement that will then go to the reports to manager for approval. Once approved on the HR system, the timesheets will then flow through to payroll to be included in the next appropriate pay-run  


The following definitions apply to this policy and procedures:

Approver means as University Organisational Structure (UOS) level 2 or 3 manager as per the HR delegations schedule

Casual staff member means an individual who is engaged for an indefinite period to do occasional work on an as and when required basis, with no fixed hours, and no commitment to ongoing employment. A casual employee is free to turn down work when it is offered

Payroll information means the completed IRD form (IR330), a copy of the signed offer of employment and proof of identity and right to work

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full or part time basis

University means the University of Auckland and including all subsidiaries

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