Interviews involving Whānau Procedures


These procedures apply to staff members and all other persons (eg recruiters) dealing with the appointment of staff members at the University  


To outline the procedures to be followed when interviews involve whānau


Prior to the interview

1. Candidates are to be advised if the size of the interview room places a limitation on the number of people likely to be accommodated
2. The HR representative is to be advised well in advance as to the number likely to be involved
3. If an interviewed applicant advises that they wish to bring whanau, the HR representative is to ensure all panel members are aware of the protocol before the whanau enter the room


4. The role of the facilitator is to act as a liaison person between the candidate/whānau and the interviewing panel
5. The facilitator is to provide protocol guidelines
Note - The faculty office or your HR representative can assist with providing a suitable facilitator if there is no-one who can take this role within your department
6. An appropriate facilitator is to be nominated, taking into account the level of the appointment


7. An extra 15-20 minutes is to be allowed for each interview involving whānau
8. At the interview the facilitator is to guide the welcoming of the whānau, instruct the interviewing panel as to the proceedings and translate or arrange translation where necessary
9. The candidate may nominate one member of the whānau to speak on their behalf (maximum of 10-15 minutes per candidate)
10. The whānau is then to leave the room and the formal interview will take place
11. After the candidate has left the room the chairperson of the interviewing panel is to invite the facilitator to make further comment

Decision making

12. The facilitator may be asked to clarify any issues that are raised by the panel
13. The facilitator is then required to leave the interview room and will not participate in the decision-making process


The following definitions apply to this document:

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full time or part time basis

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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