Named Chair Appointment Policy and Procedures


All staff members  


To provide guidance on the establishment of and appointments to named chairs


1. The subject area of every named chair must be consistent with the mission of the University, its academic plans and established operational priorities


2. A recommendation for the establishment of a named chair (or the naming of an established chair) is to be made in writing to the Vice-Chancellor jointly by the academic head in which the named chair is to be located and the dean of the relevant faculty

3. Each recommendation is to be accompanied by a statement outlining in sufficient detail the case for naming the chair

4. Any such case is to give clear evidence of the importance of the suggested name for the chair, in terms of:

  • national or international distinction in the relevant discipline or field of study
  • highly significant service or other contribution to the University
  • other distinguished association with the University
  • only in exceptional circumstances will a chair be named to honour a member of the University while the University employs that member

5. The Vice-Chancellor is to refer each recommendation and the accompanying statement to the University Academic Staff Committee (UASC), to evaluate the case for naming the chair

6. The UASC is to make a preliminary assessment of the case and, if it determines that there is merit in the proposal, it is to seek advice from three external referees with distinguished academic records in the relevant subject area

7. The UASC is to then consider the advice of the external referees and may, if there is support from the external referees, advise the Vice-Chancellor that it endorses the recommendation

8. If the UASC endorses the recommendation, the Vice-Chancellor is to forward the recommendation to Council for consideration and final approval

9. If the recommendation is declined then this decision is to be relayed to the originators of the recommendation.

10. The University is to appoint distinguished scholars and teachers to named chairs through the normal University processes for appointments and/or promotions to chairs

11. Once an appointment has been made to a named chair that individual will normally hold the chair until the date of his/her retirement or resignation from the University

12. The Vice-Chancellor may, from time to time, review the number of chairs in a particular department or subject area in accordance with customary staffing procedures, including consultation with the appropriate committees

13. In the event that the subject area of a named chair ceases to be consistent with the University’s mission and academic plans, or the chair remains vacant for a period of three years, the Vice-Chancellor, after consultation with the appropriate dean and academic head, may, in accordance with the University’s normal processes, initiate the disestablishment of the named chair


The following definitions apply to this policy and procedure:

Named chair means an academic professorial position that is endowed to the University

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full or part time basis

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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