Relevant other Policies and Guidelines for staff and students


Academic Timetabling Policy

This policy provides a framework for timetabled teaching in all teaching facilities and includes hours of teaching and teaching spaces.

Flexible Work Policy and Procedures

This policy confirms the University’s commitment to supporting flexible work arrangements for employees.

Impartial Decision-making Policy and Procedures

The University is committed to principles that support transparent, fair and impartial decision making by its committees. This Policy is intended to assist Chairs and their committees in meeting these objectives.

Parental Leave Policy and Procedures

Parental leave is time off work to care for a newly born or adopted child under five years of age. This policy provides University staff with the details on eligibility and application.

Addressing Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy, Procedures

This policy provides guidance to staff and students on how to identify, report, and help prevent “Unacceptable Conduct” occurring at the University.


Inclusive Learning and teaching of Students with Impairments Guidelines

The University of Auckland’s principles and guidelines for faculties, service divisions, staff and students.