UniNews 2016

  • Issue 10, December. Size: 1.3 MB. Type: PDF.

    Document Description: Inside: Our Rutherford medallist – Michael Corballis, Award-winner solves dilemma – four covers for one book, Students help with real-world planning, Brian Boyd co-curates world-class exhibition at MONA, My story – Sam Elworthy, Farewell to Rewi and Marti (Rewi Thompson and Marti Friedlander), Research – On a mission for women’s health (Jenny Kruger), Maramatanga – The nuclear legacy – Attention needed now (Treasa Dunworth).

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  • Issue 9, November. Size: 3.9 MB. Type: PDF.

    Document Description: Inside: New ways of seeing – Marti Friedlander, Leading Trans-Tasman change – the Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity programme, Behind the cover story – George Mason’s portrait on the cover of Ingenio, A great way to spend a day – winner of this semester’s International Student Photo Composition, Can we … ? – the University’s new campaign, Spring graduation, Research – A place to be free (Peter O’Connor), Research –Breaking new pathways - Ilaisaane Fifita and Sisikula Sisifa, Maramatanga – Clinton and Trump – Indictment of Democracy (Nicholas Ross Smith).

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  • Issue 8, October. Size: 694.9 kB. Type: PDF.

    Document Description: Inside: Island time capsule – uncloaking the past (Great Mercury island), Top marks for innovation, University scientists scoop awards - Miro Erkintalo and Jason Busby, Changing our face to the world – Web Presence Improvement Programme, $32,000 for smart solutions – the Solve It challenge, Newmarket gets green tick – two buildings have won a top engineering award, My story – Emma Newborn, Research – Biomimetic caterpillar crawls free, Research – Binary Explorations (J J Eldridge), Maramatanga – Fat is a fairness issue (Darren Powell and George Parker).

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  • Issue 7, September. Size: 664.4 kB. Type: PDF.

    Document Description: Inside: Italian immersion – springboard for reflection, Mentor honoured – Geoff Whitcher, Distinguished contribution – Greg Whittred, Our Olympians, Unique discovery – Vanuatu’s Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and our archives, Top accolades for teaching – Tracey McIntosh and Martin East, My story – Stephen Innes, Research – Stronger monitoring needed for bonus floor scheme (Dory Reeves), Research – News on equatorial diversity, Maramatanga – Fostering rebellion (Diane Brand).

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  • Issue 6, August. Size: 1.0 MB. Type: PDF.

    Document Description: Inside: Two new honorary doctors – Charles Bidwill and Richard Aitken, New hub in the capital – new office in Wellington for Uniservices, New Information Communications Technology Law centre, What’s new – Hood Fellows (Eamonn O’Brien, John Montgomery, Christian Hartinger), Education student to Rio (Katie Duncan), My story – Talaloa (Tala) Leau, Did you know – the Graduation Office, Research – About keeping victims of family violence safe (Julia Tolmie), Research – Youth mentoring scheme (Kelsey Deane and Pat Bullen), Maramatanga – Academic equity (Kirsten Locke).

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  • Issue 5, July. Size: 4.2 MB. Type: PDF.

    Document Description: Inside: A whale of a time - 2016 Winter Lectures, Engaging with refugees – Equity Office pilot programme, Tell me story – Elam exhibition in Shanghai, Beyond Hobbiton, Securing our future security – our building security system, My story – Jim Metson, Research – Carbon tax could lower emissions and GST (Sina Mashinchi), Research – Diabetes and obesity (Rinki Murphy), Maramatanga – Your health (Simon Denny and Shanthi Ameratunga).

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  • Issue 4, June. Size: 816.4 kB. Type: PDF.

    Document Description: Inside: Three generations – our graduation coverage, Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Awards, Special award special researcher (Richard Faull), What’s new – Supreme winner (the University’s Civil Structures Hall), What’s new – The Academy of New Zealand Literature, Research – Research Excellence Awards display, Research – Poi for your health, Maramatanga – Shakespeare lives.

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  • Issue 3, May. Size: 685.7 kB. Type: PDF.

    Document Description: Inside: Changing times - Tāmaki sale, Smart sharp snappy (showcase of excellent research), Future Islands (New Zealand’s pavilion at the upcoming Architecture Biennale in Venice), Auckland University Press wins international award, What’s new – China, What’s new – Pacific digital storytelling, My story – Margaret Crannigan Allen, Our people – Denis Agate, Research – Showcasing social science research, Logic at first sight (Finnish thought leader on logic, Jouko Väänänen), Research – Singing Communities (Te Oti Rakena), Maramatanga – Sex, gender, age (Nicola Garvey).

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  • Issue 2, April. Size: 8.4 MB. Type: PDF.

    Document Description: Inside: Our 2016 DAAS, Preparing NZ for tech future, Flourishing role model – Diane Robertson, A scholarship for refugees, Staff function – annual staff cocktail staff function, Working with Māori, Life changing moments – 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award winners, Advancing the Doctor or Education, Obituary – Ranginui Walker 1932-2016, Research – Studying environmental history (Marco de Jong), Research – The Kerepehi fault (Jennifer Eccles), Research – Lost and found (Janna Wardman), Maramatanga – Speaking up (Matheson Russell).

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  • Issue 1, March. Size: 1.6 MB. Type: PDF.

    Document Description: Inside: Auckland a-buzz – University hives, A better start – a new National Science Challenge, Spark renamed Velocity, Governor-General visits, My story – Ivan Wagstaff, Research – Knowledge exchange in Aotearoa and Abaya Yala, Research – Safety in Numbers (Lucy van Oosterom), Maramatanga – Valuing identify (John Fenaughty).

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