Pastoral Care Code of Practice reporting

Waipapa Taumata Rau, The University of Auckland regularly conducts audits, attestations, and self-reviews to ensure active compliance with the outcomes of the Pastoral Care Code of Practice.   

  • Self-Reviews represent a total review of the University’s compliance, utilising data from student reviews, internal documentation, and prior reporting to present the University’s activity. A full Self-Review will be published late 2024.  
  • Attestations review any gaps in pastoral care practice identified in prior self-reviews and provide an update on pastoral care improvements. The attestation covering 2023 will be published mid 2024.  
  • Critical incident reports outline the reporting of serious incidents across the University over the previous year.    
  • Audits verify the compliance of the University with a specific aspect of the Code of Conduct, as determined by NZQA, the governing body for the Code of Conduct. The 2024 audit will verify the University’s activity to safeguard international students.  

Reporting timeline

 Year One: 2024 Year Two: 2025 

International student care audit

2023 attestation (Winter 2024)

Full code self-review (Summer 2024)

Critical incident annual report (Summer 2024)

Verification audit (TBD)

Critical incident annual report             

Reporting documents