Ethical Procurement Statement

Suppliers intending to contract with the University of Auckland or respond to tender opportunities must read and comply with this Ethical Procurement Statement.


The University of Auckland is committed to helping ensure that internationally recognised labour and, health and safety standards are acknowledged and adhered to by its suppliers in accordance with this Ethical Procurement Statement.

Procurement Ethics

As a matter of principle, the University will not enter into contractual arrangements with suppliers where: 

  • the supplier is found to be using workers below the relevant minimum age for employment; or
  • the supplier is found to be using forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour; or       
  • the supplier is found to have discriminated directly or indirectly on any of the prohibited grounds in the Human Rights Act; or       
  • the supplier’s workers are found to be subjected to potential life-threatening working conditions or harsh or abusive or inhumane treatment; or       
  • the supplier has been found colluding with other entities in a manner that, at the sole discretion of the University, has resulted in bid-rigging during a tender activity; or          
  • the supplier has provided or intends to provide gifts to staff members of the University; or
  • in the case of local providers, the supplier is found to be employing workers that are not legally entitled to work in New Zealand; or
  • the supplier cannot demonstrate it has suitable health and safety documentation and, related processes which meet the requirements of any relevant Health and Safety legislation of their country.

Prior to the award of any contract, suppliers shall comply with any requests from the University for information regarding their compliance with this Ethical Procurement Statement in a timely manner and shall permit the University to carry out audits of their facilities to be used to satisfy the requirements of any resultant contract. 

During the term of any contract, should any of the above-mentioned points be discovered to exist in the supplier’s operations or with its direct sub-contractors, and the supplier fails to carryout corrective action within a reasonable timescale, then this will be deemed a material breach of agreement.   

Notwithstanding the points mentioned above, the University requires contracted suppliers to:

  • Act ethically, fairly and honestly in all dealings with the University
  • Declare any actual or perceived conflicts of interests as soon as you become aware of the conflict
  • Take all reasonable measures to prevent disclosure of confidential University information
  • Provide accurate and reliable advice and information when required
  • Ensure their policies and practices show a commitment to treating their employees fairly
  • Not offer the University’s members of staff any financial inducements or any gift or other benefits to gain preferential treatment 
  • Comply with the law 
  • Assist the University to prevent unethical practices in our business relationships by complying with this statement 
  • If employing sub-contractors for work with the University, suppliers must make them aware of this statement and ensure they comply with its requirements

Enquiries about this Ethical Procurement Statement should be directed to:

David Rees
Strategic Procurement Manager
University of Auckland