New Supplier Information

The University normally transacts with suppliers by paying invoices that match a purchase order generated in its financial system.

Please read the Purchase Order terms and conditions


For a supplier to be added to the system a number of mandatory details must be provided when requested, for example:

  • Supplier's full registered company / trading name and contact details
  • Bank account details for receiving payment
  • Third-party bank account verification, (an anti-procurement fraud and money laundering requirement). Bank account verification must be provided by the supplier providing ONE of the following evidences and must show a bank logo, bank account name matching the supplier's name, bank account number and should be in English:
    • Void cheque
    • Redacted bank statement
    • Bank deposit slip
    • Letter from the bank confirming the account details
    • Screenshot of internet banking page; the supplier's name must not be an editable field
    • Screenshot of mobile banking app showing account holder name, account number and bank logo (the supplier's name must not be an editable field)

Overseas account details must include all relevant bank codes, for example, IBAN, routing number and Swift codes.

Please ensure any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest has been appropriately registered and dealt with in accordance with the following:

The University may make uncontracted suppliers inactive in its system if there has not been any transactions in an eighteen month period and will require confirmation of all aforementioned details if reactivation is required.

Due to its Crown Entity status the University is unable to sign credit application forms provided by suppliers.