Property Services Design Standards and Guidelines

The University of Auckland Design Standards and Guidelines outlines the University's expectations for its built forms in order to achieve consistency in the quality of the design and construction of those built forms. They are aligned with the University's requisites for Health and Safety, aesthetic appeal, maintainability and environmental sustainability, while ensuring there is enough scope for innovation and technological advancements to be explored within each project.

The Standards are intended for use by any parties who may be involved in the planning, design and construction of the University's facilities. This includes external consultants and contractors, the University planners, designers and project managers as well as faculty and office staff who may be involved in the planning, design, maintenance or refurbishment of facilities.

These Standards are managed by Property Services of behalf of the University. Please note not all documents are currently available. For further information, please contact

Section 1: About Property Services Design Standards and Guidelines

Section 2: Project & Building Works Requirements

Section 3: Utilities Connections & Energy Management

Section 4: Mechanical Services

Section 5: Electrical

Section 6: Hydraulics

Section 7: Building Management System (BMS)

Section 8: Electrical for Mechanical & Associated Services

Section 9: Fire

Section 10: Passive Fire Guide 1-3

Section 11: Vertical Transportation

Section 12: Chemical & Biological Laboratories

Section 13: Access Control & Security

Section 14: Information Systems

Section 15: Architectural

Section 16: Landscape/Precincts/Grounds

Section 17: Furniture/Furnishings

Section 18: Building & Room Numbering Protocol

Section 19: Asset Management Information Requirements

Section 20: Sustainability

The sustainability principles that guide the design and maintenance of our Estate are:

  • Implement whole-life costing, operational and embodied carbon evaluation of projects
  • Move away from fossil fuels for heating and cooling our spaces
  • Meet the highest standards of efficiency for energy and utility use
  • Design with reference to Te Aranga Māori design, celebrating our place in the world
  • Facilitate efficient and sustainable space utilisation
  • Ensure spaces are accessible and enabling for all, supporting disability action plans and initiatives
  • Build resilience spaces and support biodiversity in the built and non-built environments across our Estate
  • Create long-life buildings that are flexible and climate adaptable in the long term
  • Minimise construction and operational waste
  • Minimise construction and operational water use

Section 21: Signage

Section 22: Soft Services: Cleaning, waste, recycling

Section 23: Project Lifecycle Tool

Section 24: Project Handover Documentation

Section 25: Design Dispensation Form


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