Group work changes

18 August 2014


The University’s approach to the design and assessment of group work has changed significantly.

The new framework is established in these documents:

The principal changes around groupwork are as follows:

  • the 20% assessment limit has been removed
  • where group projects are included in the assessments for a course, some form of individually assessed work should also contribute to the total mark
  • assessment design for group projects is the responsibility of the Course Director
  • groupwork projects should provide an authentic learning experience
  • groupwork assignments in individual courses should be consistent with a co-ordinated Faculty assessment strategy
  • Faculties are responsible for ensuring development and exercising oversight of this coordinated assessment strategy
  • projects should be designed to enable students to develop the skills critical to successful groupwork, be contextualised to the discipline in which they are offered, and provide for progression in assessment requirements.

Resources have been provided to support implementation of the new framework: