New policy on enhancement and evaluation of teaching and courses

18 August 2014

A new Policy on Enhancement and Evaluation of Teaching and Courses, in effect from January 2014, replaces the University of Auckland Student Evaluation of Courses and Teaching Policy, 2008.

The policy differs in the following ways:

  • emphasis shifts from summative evaluations for quality assurance to a more comprehensive and holistic framework that acknowledges evaluation as a means of supporting individual development and building teaching capacity. To this end, the policy recognises a wider range of evidence about teaching practice and integrates evidence from self-reflection, student input, and peer review.
  • formative student evaluations are encouraged as a standard component of all teaching and course delivery.
  • peer review is identified as part of self-reflective practice for all academic staff and allows for peer review of all staff new to teaching at the University of Auckland within the first 2 years of teaching.
  • the 3-yr cycle of Course and Teaching Evaluations for academic staff is retained, but an evaluation by the end of the second year of teaching for staff new to the University is required.
  • Course and Teaching Evaluations returning an overall student satisfaction rating below 70% requires a reflective statement reviewing issues that contributed to the low student satisfaction, and articulating progress in resolving them, in a statement submitted to the faculty Dean.
  • the importance of providing feedback to students is emphasised. Teaching units are given responsibility for determining the most appropriate ways of accomplishing this.

The Policy is supported by the Guidelines for Enhancement and Evaluation of Teaching and Courses.