Students pledge to green their rooms

07 May 2014
The O'Rorke Hall Residents' Association (OHRA) Executive Committee and floor representatives.

Students at one of the University of Auckland’s halls of residence are pledging to keep their rooms clean and green.

Residents at O’Rorke Hall are being encouraged to make the pledge to live more sustainably, by committing to sustainable practices, and have their rooms certified a “Green Room” by the hall’s Green Team.

The Greening Your Room challenge asks students to confirm what sustainability practices they are currently doing and what they will commit to do throughout the year, such as switching off lights when they leave their room, having short shower times, and using reusable cups and bottles.

Sustainable behaviours will be monitored by the Green Team who will confirm Green Room certifications with the Residential Advisers. The student who has the most confirmed behaviours will be awarded a prize at the end of the challenge, as will the floor with the most certified rooms.

“The main objective of this challenge,” says Ruben Katigbak, Resident Manager at O’Rorke, “is to increase the students’ awareness of environmental and sustainability issues and to give them an opportunity to be able to do something to help reduce their carbon footprint and, hopefully, adopt sustainable habits.”

The Green Your Room challenge is one of a number of practices that O’Rorke’s Green Team has implemented in an effort to encourage residents to take part in sustainability initiatives at the hall but also elsewhere at the University, as well as the wider community.

Lesley Stone, Manager for the University’s Sustainability and Environment Programme, is impressed with O’Rorke’s commitment to sustainability.

“It’s great to see students being informed about sustainability issues and encouraged to take positive actions to reduce their carbon footprint. For the University to reach its sustainability targets by 2020, we need a collective effort. O’Rorke’s Green Room Challenge is a fantastic example and we congratulate the team and participants on their initiative.”

O’Rorke’s Green Your Room challenge runs from 1 April to 30 June.