Human Ethics

Below you will find information on the requirements for obtaining ethics approval for research involving human participants.

All staff or student projects and research that involve human participants must receive the approval of either:

  1.  The University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee (UAHPEC)

  2. A Ministry of Health accredited Health and Disability Ethics Committe (HDEC). HDECs review health and disability research. However, not all health and disability research requires review by an HDEC. Visit this section on Health and Disability Research for more information, and to see if your research requires HDEC review.


  3. The Auckland Health Research Committee (AHREC)

Important notes:

  1. It is a requirement of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) that the following documents must be forwarded to the Research Office, Post Award Support Services (

                   a)  a copy of the application submitted to any other ethics committee  AND

                   b)  the requirement letter from that ethics committee (that is, the first letter issued to the applicant
                        after the meeting) 

  1. For FMHS applicants, this should be through the FMHS Research office and accompanied by the Dean’s signature sheet.
  1. It is a requirement of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) that a copy of all applications submitted to an HDEC as well as the decision letters following an HDEC meeting be received by the Research Office.  This information will be sent automatically to the Research Office from the HDECs if the following were done prior to submission of the form:

                  a)  you have requested authorisation from the University of Auckland as a sponsor AND

                  b)  the human ethics email has been added to the application to forward any communication related
                       to the application to the Research Office.

           Please go to the Health and Disability Research page for information about how to request authorisation
           and how to add email details to your application.