Newmarket - the next generation of research

The University of Auckland’s Newmarket Campus is designed to be a high-quality environment that supports our research activities. The significantly enhanced facilities and modern environment will provide a strong foundation for our interdisciplinary research teams to conduct new research and further existing work. It is envisaged that the Newmarket Campus will encourage collaboration and enhance links to industry and other end users.

The next generation of research begins at Newmarket, and our Faculty of Engineering researchers and postgraduate students will be among the first to benefit from the new campus development. The four research themes being investigated by our researchers at the Faculty of Engineering look to examine the following globally significant issues:


Energy research

Energy Research
Smarter, resilient, sustainable, affordable power and energy systems

Health research

Technologies for Health Research
Creating technology solutions to prevent, treat and manage illness, and improve wellbeing

Manufacturing and materials research

Manufacturing and Materials Research
Improving manufacturing through technology and novel materials

Infrastructure and environment

Infrastructure and Environment Research
High-performing infrastructure that cares for our environment, while promoting sustainability and resilience