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Welcome to the University of Auckland Policy and Administration area.  

This area provides convenient, user-friendly access to our University statutes, policies, procedures, standards and associated documents.

All these documents connect the University's mission and values to the everyday actions of its community. Members of the University community include our staff (whether permanent, temporary or part time), honorary staff, students (whether full time or part time), contractors, subcontractors, consultants, alumni, associates, business partners or official visitors or guests of members of the University or our subsidiaries.

The documents clarify the University's expectations of individual members of our community, mitigate institutional risk, enhance efficiency and support compliance with our legal obligations. All members of the University community must comply with University statutes, policies, procedures, standards, and associated documents.

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  • Human resources

    Policies related to employment, including the hiring process, compensation, benefit programs, workplace conduct, training, performance reviews, insurance, and protection of privacy

  • Learning and teaching

    Learning and teaching practice, academic conduct and quality, assessment and postgraduate research

  • Health, safety and wellbeing

    Services, training, communication, and performance standards and discipline, medical examinations, workplace hazards, emergency/accident procedures, and incident reporting

  • Equity

    Policies to support the University's commitment to achieving equitable outcomes for all staff and students

  • Policy development and review

    Documents currently under consultation and assistance for policy owners and content managers revising and creating policy documents

  • Forms

    All forms are kept in the University's Forms Register

Please send any comments, feedback and requests for information to policyhub@auckland.ac.nz