Professional Staff Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Procedures


These procedures apply to all staff members at the University


To outline the procedures for employing permanent professional staff members at the University


1.    The employing manager is to establish staffing need and forwards the position description to the dean/director or nominee

2.    Dean/director or nominee is to approve the position

3.    If the position is new, then the position description along with Job Evaluation Questionnaire is to be completed and submitted to HR advisory team in order for the level to be determined

4.    The employing manager is to establish a recruitment and selection panel (RSP)

5.    The RSP is to comprise at least two staff including:

  • the employing manager as chair
  • one other staff member who may be a representative from the unit which the position is located
  • other persons selected for their expertise

6.    The RSP is to be chosen or elected with experience and expertise in mind while striving for gender balance and ethnic diversity

7.    HR expertise must be sought for senior positions and for other specialist positions as required

8.    RSP members must discuss actual or potential conflicts of interest with the chair

9.    If the chair, or any other potential panel member, has a conflict, this must be discussed with the dean/director or nominee

10.   The RSP is to establish recruitment strategy including the development of an advertising and search plan

11.    Hiring manager is to liaise with Group Services to advertise the position and level on the University of Auckland careers website and the position on other websites as requested

12.    The RSP is to consider the applications and creates a shortlist of applicants (normally 2-4)

Note - In some cases where there are a large number of potential candidates, pre-interview screening (e.g. a brief telephone call) may be appropriate

13.    RSP is to organise and conduct interviews of shortlisted applicants

Note - The RSC must be aware of, and comply with, the provisions of the Interviews Involving Whānau Procedures

14.    The RSP is to agree a process for ranking candidates against the key requirements of the position and recommend to the dean/director or nominee:

  • whether the most suitable candidate merits being offered the position
  • the salary to be offered, ensuring that it is within the salary band, the candidate’s skills, experience and expectations, equity issues and relativity with other staff in the department, faculty service division and University
  • whether any other candidate(s) will be considered for the position in the event that the most suitable candidate is not available and the salary to be offered in that event
  • why other candidate(s) have not been recommended

15.    Where two candidates are deemed to be of equal merit and one of the candidates is a member of an equity target group, then that candidate is to be offered the position

16.    A record of the process must be kept

17.    If there is no appointable candidate, the RSP is to discuss whether the position will be reconsidered or re-advertised

18.    The employing manager must conduct verbal reference checks:

  • 2-3 references are to be obtained, including one from the most recent employer and direct manager
  • only referees nominated by the candidate may be contacted
  • the completed reference check information is to be circulated to the RSP and a final decision be made

19.    The employing manager is to recommend the selected candidate to the dean, director or nominee for their approval

20.    Upon receipt of approval, the employing manager is to offer the position to the selected applicant and negotiate base salary

21.    Once accepted, the employing manager is to liaise with Group Services to ensure that the details are entered into Peoplesoft HR so that the employment agreement can be generated

22.    Candidates who were not interviewed are to be advised automatically of the outcome

23.    Where candidates have been interviewed but were not selected, the employing manager is to contact and provide a brief explanation as to the reasons


The following definitions apply to this document:

Professional staff member refers to an individual emplyed to conduct non-academic activities at the University

RSP refers to the recruitment and selection panel established to fill the
particular position

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full time or part time basis

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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